About Us

About Us

Company Overview

Hydrofit Group headquartered in the emirate of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates has been established in the year 1990 as a trading company dealing in Procurement needs of Hydraulic, Pneumatic & Instrumentation functional Companies in Oil & Gas, Marine, Transport and Construction Industries.The organization is one of the most progressive regional business houses and has grown steadfastly and conscientiously over the past few years with their increase range of businesses and care for the community. Our objective is to offer our clients a total cost saving package, which integrates all aspects of their operations with the supply chain management systems we provide. We carry an extensive range of products that enable us to provide our clients with fast and efficient service. We are constantly researching the market place to ensure our products are up to date with latest technology and legislations. By maintaining high efficiency rates and low overhead costs, as well as having the resources to effectively negotiate the costs of goods and services, we are able to deliver cost savings across the board.

Our Aim

Hydrofit Group aims in being one of the most sustainable partners in the field of trading and by continuing to introduce innovative products and quality services to the clients. Yes, our clients are our business partners, but they are also our neighbors. And that means our commitment goes far beyond just getting the job done.

Our focus is about consistent and unwavering professionalism, service and quality. And
that’s why many Hydrofit clients have retained their partnership with us.