Where are hydraulics used in industry?

Posted on November 24th, 2021

The most common thing that people wonder when they hear hydraulics is “where are they used?” Before you wonder about that, you have to know what hydraulics are.

Hydraulics or hydraulic seals is one of the most commonly used industrial equipment. We are constantly gaining some benefits by using hydraulic equipment every day. Hydraulics are used in a wide variety of industries and have several different applications.

Industries mainly use hydraulic systems to seal the opening between a static and rotating component. Other than that, hydraulics can help companies to save money and energy expense. In short, a lot of industries depend largely on these systems. So, these systems indirectly affect our everyday lives. Now, move on to the next part and see which hydraulic companies affect our daily lives.

Industries That Uses Hydraulics:

  1. Construction Industry

Working on construction sites is difficult. The sites are full of heavy materials that are often moved, aligned, or put together. This hectic site is one of the areas where they use hydraulics. From jackhammers to bulldozers, everything works with the help of hydraulic systems. The hydraulic power makes even massive tasks a lot trivial. Moreover, it allows the worker to complete tasks way faster.

  1. Automobile Industry

It is one of the largest users of hydraulics in the world. From manufacturing cars to driving them, hydraulics are everywhere. They use hydraulic machines to stamp and bend the metal to create different parts of a vehicle. Other than that, there are robotic arms that use hydraulics to assemble the entire car. Moreover, cars even use hydraulics themselves in several different ways, such as:

  • Steering systems
  • Braking systems
  • Clutches
  • Transmission
  • Cooling system
  • Advanced safety systems
  1. Oil, Gas, and Coal Mining Industry

The usage of hydraulics is common even in the mining industry. Miners cannot think of mining underground without hydraulics. Thanks to hydraulics, they can find a path to reach coal, iron ore, and other precious materials. The hydraulic systems dig deep holes into the ground that allows the extraction of oil and natural gas. Other than that, they help to dig out tunnels and move big rocks to clear the path.

  1. Entertainment Industry

Hydraulics help a lot in the entertainment industry as well. During concerts, performers use hydraulic platforms to rise onto the stage. Apart from that, they use hydraulics for special effects.

  1. Textile Industry

The usage of hydraulic seals is common even in the textile industry. Some of the commonly used hydraulics are shaft seals, mechanical seals, and spring energised seals. They usually need a good seal to cope with compact spinning, high pressures, and constant rotation.

  1. Amusement Industry

Believe it or not, it is also one of the main hydraulic companies in the world. The hydraulic systems are capable of supporting fun as well. When you visit an amusement park, you will see the actual usage of hydraulics for entertainment. Rides like roller coasters, drop rides, water rides, and Ferris wheels use hydraulics. They provide reliable brakes that help to keep the ride safe. They even operate the lap bars to help you remain seated.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the industries that use hydraulics regularly. Even though we have listed six sectors that use hydraulics, there are still a few more. So, no matter where you live or work, the hydraulics will keep affecting your life and surroundings.